Rob Frith
Consultant Ecologist

Rob Frith is able to provide a wide range of ecological services to clients including:

Rob is a professional ecologist with over 30 years experience working in ecological consultancy and countryside management.
Rob is an experienced field ecologist and competent in a number of disciplines including vegetation and botanical surveys, reptile and amphibian surveys (Rob holds a licence for the survey of Great Crested Newts), protected mammal surveys and ornithological surveys.
Over the last 30 years Rob has worked on ecological impact assessments for a very wide range of projects from small scale housing developments through to major infrastructure projects including highway and large wind farm developments.
Rob has specialised in dealing with developments that have the potential to impact upon sites covered by statutory nature conservation designations including national and international designations or European Protected Species.  Consequently he has also acted as expert witness in a number of major Public Inquiries including landfill development, mineral operations, golf courses and residential developments and wind farm developments.
During his professional career Rob has specialised in working with a number of protected species and in particular with Great Crested Newts (GCN) and Badgers and has been involved in a number of GCN mitigation and conservation projects as license holder/named ecologist for large, medium and small GCN populations.